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Lunda Norte - Agostinho Neto a prominent historical symbol - Minister 18/09/2017

Dundo - Angolan minister of Former Combatants and Motherland Veterans Candido Van-Dunem Sunday considered the first President António Agostinho Neto a prominent historical symbol for his patriotic determination and efforts focused on the fight for freedom of Angolan people and African continent.o.

Benguela - Police clarify Monte-Belo incident 18/09/2017

Benguela - The Provincial Command of National Police in coastal Benguela province Sunday clarified the incident that led to the injury to five people which allegedly involved militants from UNITA and MPLA parties occurred Saturday in Monte Belo commune, municipality of Bocoio.

ANGOP accounts deemed right, fully approved 16/09/2017

Luanda - The accounts of the Angola Press Agency (ANGOP) were approved last Friday, in Luanda, without reservations by the Institute for the Public Entrepreneurial Sector (ISEP), during a ceremony held to announce the management quality of public companies relating to the 2016 financial year.

Angola - IRSEA delegation attends RERA Meeting in Zimbabwe 16/09/2017

Luanda - Water and Electricity Regulatory Institute (IRSEA) delegation will participates in the15th annual meeting of the Regional Electricity Regulators Association (RERA) of the Community of Southern Africa Development Countries (SADC) as from 19 to 29 September in Harare, Zimbabwe, ANGOP has learnt.

Deputy governor advises young people to attend university 15/09/2017

Malanje - Malanje's deputy governor for political and social affairs, Manuel Campo, said Friday that universities are the centers of knowledge, so it seems important and responsible the attendance of young people in the universities.

Strategy for improving scientific production in Angola highlighted 15/09/2017

Malanje- The director of the National Technological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Gabriel Luís Miguel, Friday highlighted the creation of strategies by the Angolan Government aimed at the creation of strong scientific research teams capable of responding to social problems, to contribute to the integral development of the country.

Zaire - New buses lower taxi fare on Mbanza Kongo/Luvo route 15/09/2017

Mbanza Kongo - The taxi fare on the line linking Mbanza Kongo and the border commune of Luvo in the northern Zaire province has dropped from 1.000 to 500 kwanza with the entry into operation of new buses since last August.

47 Angolan aerospace engineers trained abroad 13/09/2017

Luanda - At least 47 Angolan aerospace engineers, trained in Argentina, China, Brazil, Japan and Russia, guarantee the functioning of “Angosat1”, Angolan satellite to go soon into orbit.

Angola: Ozone layer and its conservation under debate 12/09/2017

Luanda - A lecture on ozone layer and its conservation will be held on September 16 by Movimento Folha Verde and Luanda Media Library., to mark World Ozone Layer Preservation Day.

Lubango - Over USD 6 million spent on climate change project 12/09/2017

More that USD 6 million has been implemented since 2016 in an integrated climate resilience project by the Global Environment Fund (FGA), in southern Huila province.

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