Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in New York Consulado Geral da Rep├║blica de Angola em New York

Issuance of ordinary passport and reissue

Requirements for obtaining Ordinary Passport
  1. Photocopy of consular registration card
  2. Passport and Identity Card (ADULT)
  3. Birth Certificate (MINOR)
  4. Three current color passport photographs
  5. Forms to be completed at the Consulat

Consular fee of $ 62.00
All payments must be made by deposit in the bank account number 226 007 089 976 Bank of America.
Please note that service delivery will be only provided upon proof of Deposit..

Note: The application for issuance of ordinary passport in favor of under eighteen years of age or greater incapable beyond the aforesaid documents shall also contain a waiver of whoever has power of attorney with the signature acknowledged by a notary and a photocopy of their valid identity. The requirement of submission of service or school for students not cover citizens exercising domestic activity.


How to proceed in case of misplaced, lost or stolen passport.

In addition to the documents required for obtaining a passport, the applicant must submit proof of notification of police.


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