Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in New York Consulado Geral da Rep├║blica de Angola em New York

Angola, diverse in their cultural makeup and its territorial, economic and social structures country can, through the intelligent use of Information Technologies and Communication, strengthening their national unity, reduce asymmetries, reduce inter-provincial distances, provide Similar information and provide equal opportunities to its citizens, thereby increasing the dynamics of its development.

Indeed, the use of new Information and Communication Technologies is one of the basic pillars of the structuring and strengthening of contemporary societies. The emergence of the knowledge society demands of our government and all citizens to adopt new paradigms of governance and new models of relationship between rulers and ruled, in order to give another fullness of their participation in social, cultural, educational , academic, economic and politics of the country.

Wealth of Knowledge Society lies in its multiplicity and participation of various social actors garatem its interconnection and create conditions for its convergence. The solid construction of the Society of Knowledge requires therefore a pooling of public and private efforts, so that it is implemented in the institutions, organs of sovereignty, schools, cities and municipalities, public administration and the private sector.

In this area, we must be ambitious and our ambition should have the dimension of our national territory, by printing a faster pace of the adoption, use and field of Information Technologies and Communication, always taking into account our reality, fundamentally the level of our human and our cultural and linguistic diversity resources.

Building the Knowledge Society in Angola should be seen as a national goal and a political priority of the government as establishes the Action Plan adopted in 2005 by the Council of Ministers. Indeed, the Action Plan for Electronic Government, as well as the Action Plan for the Information Society, are two compelling evidence of our ambition, our interests and our future vision for the achievement of a Strategy for Development of Information Technology by 2010.

The Government intends to develop a catalyst action, so transitarmos an analog for a recognizably society definitely digital society, that is, the shift from a society where specific information and knowledge are only available to a minority enlightened to another in which information and knowledge are products available to everyone.

Let us all, therefore, the boldness and the determination to create the conditions that allow the emergence and solidification of the new era of the knowledge society, to the Angolan people to enjoy a more developed, worthier and wiser future.


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