Minister assesses project to protect mangroves

Minister assesses project to protect mangroves

Luanda – The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment, Adjany Costa, and the Belgian Ambassador to Angola, Jozep Smets, Saturday here evaluated the results of the project to protect mangroves on the Luanda coastline.


Named Otchiva, the project in question, which has been in existence for four years, is contributing to the protection and restoration of mangroves, having already allowed the reforestation of half a million mangroves.


The mangroves, which are home to 80% of the marine life on Angola's coastline, are being destroyed to make way for the construction of homes, resorts and hotels, the impact of which is being minimized by the Otchiva project.


The project, which has already been recognized by the African Union (AU), is enabling the return of life to the Angolan coastline and the restoration of the maritime ecosystem.


The fact-finding visit, which took place along the Mussulo coastline, made it possible to observe the continued destruction of mangroves in the area, forcing the definition of joint strategies for the protection of this ecosystem.


Mangroves are the birthplace of marine life, the habitat of migratory birds, the protector of the coastline and the only source of livelihood for coastal communities.


Mangroves are included in the national reforestation programme, counting on the action of associations or movements dedicated to their preservation.

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