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Catoca with new director general 03/08/2018

Luanda - The 64th special session of the General Assembly of the Mining Society of Catoca, held this Thursday in Luanda, elected the Angolan Benedito Paulo Manuel to the position of new director general of this diamond company in the country.

Red List of Endangered Species in Angola launched 02/08/2018

Luanda - The Ministry of Environment, in the framework of the implementation of the National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, launches Friday the red list of endangered fauna and flora species in the country.

Minister wants to caution environmental situation in schools 01/08/2018

Luena - Angola’s minister of Environment Paula Francisco has said that a joint work plan is in the pipeline focused on a memorandum on collaboration to be signed between her sector and Education.

Environment minister lauds supervisors' work 01/08/2018

Luanda - The Environment minister, Paula Francisco, lauded on Tuesday in Luanda, the supervisors? work and dedication in the combat against illegal exploitation of Angolan fauna and flora.

Angola continues transition zone for illegal ivory traffic 26/07/2018

Luanda - The Secretary of State for Forestry Resources, André de Jesus Moda, said Wednesday that Angola is still a transit zone for illegal traffic or trade in ivory, rhinoceros horn, pangolin scales, gorillas and wild birds.

Angola Tourism sector seeks partners 23/07/2018

Luanda - The second season of the tourist programme (Viajar Angola) ?Travel Angola? broadcasted by the Public Television of Angola (TPA), expects to involve more businesspeople of this sector.

Eucalyptus can minimize groundwater effects on Rangel 16/07/2018

Luanda - The reforestation of eucalyptus trees in Luanda's urban district of Rangel can help combat groundwater, avoiding floods and damage caused by this phenomenon, environmentalist Simão dos Santos said Monday.

Angola collects indicators on Science Technology 11/07/2018

Luanda - The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Innovation will launch, within three weeks, a campaign to collect indicators from these sectors.

Angola joins UNESCOs reports on technology 11/07/2018

Luanda - Angola is joining the 2015 report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), as result of its progress toward science and technology.

Eco tourism opens new milestone in species protection 29/06/2018

Luanda - The implementation of eco-tourism activities in national parks opens a new milestone in the protection of new and endangered species of fauna and flora in Angola.

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