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Country has now 200 giant sable antelopes 07/03/2018

Luanda - The number of giant sable antelopes in the country has now reached 200 samples, collected in the past ten years, 60 of which are in the Cangandala national park and 140 in the Luando natural reserve in the northern Malanje Province.

Giant Sable antelope remains at risk of extinction 07/03/2018

Luanda - The minister of State and head of the President?s Civil Office, Frederico Cardoso, said Tuesday in Luanda, that despite the encouraging results of the work to preserve the Giant sable antelope, the country has not yet reached the stage of non-retrocession to the risk of extinction of this species.

Minister highlights Benguela Railway's role in regional development 07/03/2018

Luanda - The role that the Benguela Railway (CFB) can play for national and regional development was highlighted Monday by the Transport Minister, Augusto da Silva Tomás, in Luau, eastern Moxico province.

Successful housing projects go through decentralization of services 07/03/2018

Luanda - The success of housing projects under implementation in the country go through the decentralization of health, education, banking, finance and other services, by allowing the population to be set in the places where they are built, said architect António Gameiro.

Reactivation of CFBs international traffic makes Angola strong 07/03/2018

Luena - The reactivation of the international traffic of the Benguela Railway CFB makes the country stronger and more competitive in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region, said Transport Minister Augusto da Silva Tomás.

Emergency plan to protect sable antelope under analysis 06/03/2018

Luanda: - The Ministry of Environment, in partnership with the Kissama Foundation, is to organise this Tuesday in Luanda a workshop on “Protection of the sable antelope”.

Report highlights growth and innovation in African retail banking 06/03/2018

Luanda - Retail banking in Africa is the fastest growing and most innovative and African banking markets are among the most interesting in the world, according to a new McKinsey Global Banking report.

Angola at International Tourism Fair in Berlin 06/03/2018

Luanda - Angola will participate as from Wednesday, in the International Tourism Fair of Berlin, which runs until the March 11th.

Govt aware of school feeding programme 02/03/2018

Luanda - School meal is a programme with multiple benefits which also boosts local agriculture, nutrition, health and social development of students.

Angola moderates debate on Environment 02/03/2018

Niamey - The Angolan Environment Minister, Paula Francisco, moderated today in Niamey, Niger, the debates of the Women and Environment Forum, which focused on issues related to climate change and migration.

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