Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in New York Consulado Geral da República de Angola em New York
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Visa Online Angola

The Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in New York, announces to all entities, natural or legal, that from December 2015, Applications and requests for all the Visas should be submitted though the online portal, Visa Online Angola provided by the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Brazil and Angola Initialled memorandum in the field of defense 05/09/2014

Brasilia (From special envoy) - A technical memorandum of understanding on defense, was signed today (Friday) in the State of Brasilia between defense ministries of Brazil and Angola, aimed at narrowing the historical ties friendship between the two peoples and countries.

Minister announces completion of 600 000 household connections of electricity throughout the country 05/09/2014

Lauca - The Angolan minister of Energy and Water sector, João Baptista Borges, announced on Thursday, effecting approximately 600 000 residential connections of electricity in several provinces of the country from the next three years, especially in Luanda within the government to strengthen the supply of the goods to the population program.

TC declares conformity of the Law on Money Laundering to the Constitution 05/09/2014

Luanda - The Constitutional (TC) Court declared, in Luanda, that the Law of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism is in accordance with the Constitution of Angola, not upholding the application of the Bar Association of Angola (OAA) that he requested the judicial body to review of the constitutionality of various provisions of this statute.

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